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By Andrew Zugay

I found a great small eclectic restaurant called Azpin Restaurant in Cherry Hill, NJ and I finally had a chance to eat there this past weekend. It was not an ordinary day so the experience corrected my day for me. When I first walked in to Azpin I noticed the unique ambience of asian and south american decor. This began to make sense knowing the food is an eclectic blend of Mexican and Chinese food. The decor did not feel overwhelmingly one or the other. I read about chef Andre Baracchia and how, after attending CIA, traveled the world learning Asian and Latin American cuisine. After 6 years of traveling Andre settled doen and created Azpin.

The starters were unique with spicy mexican egg rolls and fried egg noodle nachos which both were delicious. There were a few other unique starters such as black bean dumplings and flat egg noodles with salsa.

The main dishes were very interesting and I feel I the need to see and taste them. There is a variety of Mu Shu burritos including chicked, pork and vegetable. The vegetable Mu Shu burrito also had peach in it! There are General Tsao tacos, mexican fried rice and Kung Pao burritos. Dishes that curiousity will drive you o come back again to try them all. I ordered the Mu Shu chicken burrito which looked like a typical large scale Mexican style burrito on the outside. On the inside there is a mix of flavors - Mu Shu pork, coriander, bamboo shoots, rice and beans. The flavor was new and delicious and I could not get enough!

After such a delicious dinner there is no way I would leave without at least looking at the dessert menu. Again it was unique, inriguing and drove me to order. There is fried lemon-ginger ice cream with fresh orange slices and cinamon-sugar rolled fried egg rolls with a sweet caramel dipping sauce among other diches. What a pleasant ending to an outstanding dinner.


Customer Reviews
  • “Best mashup cuisine I have eaten in a long time. I will be visiting every time I am in town!” - George S.

  • “This place is great. I ate lunch today here which was delicious. The best part though was that they let me know there would be a five minute delay on my meal because of equipment failure. I did not mind an the extra wait especially since I had not ordered yet. The food did not take long after all and they brought me a free dessert because of it!  Thats great business sense and delicious food.” - Adrienne

  • “I brought an associate from work here and I really impressed him. It was win-win because I love the food here.” - Anonymous

  • “Ever since this place opened I have wanted to try it. Boy am I glad I did! They have some very original dishes like mu-shu pork burritos with Mexican-Chinese fried rice and General Tsao’s Tacos. Just about every dish is a mix of Chinese and Mexican, and delicious too!” - Mary K.

  • “Great food at a great price. Service is great but can be compromised a bit when they are busy. Still worth going.” - Mark T.

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